“My name is Auré, and I produce bands.”

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Built on close to ten years of experience in the music production industry, FLATCURVE is the creative outlet of Auré Pereira. Spending more time mixing than actually writing music, he decided to offer his knowledge behind the metaphorical desk that is a digital audio workstation to bands and artists that want to stand out from the crowd and have a truly unique sonic signature.

FLATCURVE offers a range of various services such as mixing and mastering, as well as editing, reamping, tone matching, and even writing if that's what you need. Most of these services are online, but if you happen to be local then let's grab a beer and get to work.

Auré has worked with bands such as UNEVEN STRUCTURE, OUTRUN THE SUNLIGHT, GRAVITY, KADINJA or ORION. He works mainly with metal bands, but loves anything that will push him out of his comfort zone.

Got a project? Perfect, write to aure@fltcrv.com and let's do this.